Dr Dieter Mueller-Dombois

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      • Designation: Emeritus Professor, Department of Botany
      • Institution: University of Hawaii Manoa
      • Country: United States of America
      • Thematic Area: Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Resilient Societies
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    Dr. Mueller-Dombois received his Ph.D. in Forest Ecology from the University of British Columbia in 1960, and was awarded an Honorable Doctor’s Degree in Engineering (Dr. h.c.) from Brandenburg Technical University, Cottbus, Germany in 2004. In 43 years of study, learning, and teaching at the University of Hawaii, and in collaboration with a number of colleagues, his studies of the vegetational ecology of the Pacific Islands resulted in over 200 published articles and books on basic and applied Pacific science.

    Among these are four major synthesis books and textbooks including entitled “Aims and Methods of Vegetation Ecology” (1974) co-authored with Heinz Ellenberg, “Island Ecosystems: Biological Organization in Selected Hawaiian Communities” (1981) with K.W. Bridges, and H. L. Carson, “Vegetation of the Tropical Pacific Islands” (1998) with F.R. Fosberg; “PABITRA Methods Book: Biodiversity Assessment of Tropical Island Ecosystems” (published online in 2005) with K.W. Bridges and C. Daehler, and “Hawaii, the Fires of Life: Five Decades of Vegetation Development in Volcanoland” (2007).

    Dr. Mueller-Dombois established the Pacific-Asia Biodiversity Transect Network (PABITRA), a collaborative program established under the auspices of the Pacific Science Association for investigating the function of biodiversity and the health of ecosystems in the tropical Pacific Islands.

    PABITRA has generated a wealth of new data on biodiversity in the region, provided a critical venue for training local scientists and building the scientific capacity in the countries of the participating sites, and provided significant support for conservation and sustainability efforts.

    Dr. Mueller-Dombois has been dedicated to mentoring new generations of scientists, and has supervised eighteen Ph.D. and seventeen Masters students since his academic tenure began.