Prof. Abtar Kaur

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      • Designation: Professor of ELearning
      • Institution: Open University Malaysia
      • Country: Malaysia
      • Thematic Area: ICT for Sustainable Development
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    • Professor of ELearning at the Faculty of Education and Languages,
      Open University Malaysia
    • Deputy Dean, Centre for Graduate Studies and Programme Head, EdD, and MIDT
    • Recipient of the “Mover and Shaker of E-Learning” award, Asia Pacific Region, 2013
    • Recipient of 2008 Innovative Excellence In Teaching, Learning and Technology, 18th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning, Florida, USA

    Abtar has 31 years of teaching experience. She had incorporated many varied instructional design principles in her teaching and learning activities especially after obtaining MS in Instructional Design from Syracuse University in 1986 and PhD in Web-based Learning, from the University of Malaya in 2001. Before joining the Open University Malaysia in 2002 as Director of centre for Instructional Design and Technology, Abtar taught at the Faculty of Education, University of Malaya and also worked as an Instructional Designer at the Multimedia Development Centre in the same university.

    Historically, Abtar and her team were the first among other higher education institutions in Malaysia to design and develop a Learning Management System (LMS), in 1998. Abtar was a Fulbright Scholar in 2000 at Indiana University, Bloomington. In 2006, she received an award for best Open Distance Learning Resource from the Commonwealth of Learning Vancouver, Canada. In 2007, she was awarded “Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Technology” from Florida.

    In research, Abtar had been acknowledged for work done in Reusable Learning Objects via three awards received, for example, Creative Use of Technology Award by Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHA) Conference-USA. Recently, Abtar has started projects centered on Open Educational Resources, Online Learning, and Mobile Learning & Ubiquitous Learning.

    Abtar was one of the consultants in setting up the National E-Learning Centre, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She has also been involved in instructional design projects in Indonesia (auspices of World Bank) and IDRC (International Development and Research Center) based in Toronto. Her most recent projects were with Foundation, based in Manila.