Call for Papers Presented at the 12th PSIC

  • Conference Proceedings

    Presenters at the 12th Pacific Science Inter-Congress are invited to submit extended abstracts to the upcoming 12th Pacific Science Inter-Congress Conference Proceedings which will be published under USP Press.

    Journal Papers

    The Secretariat is also inviting presenters to submit full papers to be considered for publication under the special issue that will be published under the three journals listed. Authors are advised to be clear on which Journal they wish to publish in and to adhere to the recommended format.


    The manuscript is to be submitted via email to The email must bear the subject line “12PSIC: Paper Submission. If you face problems with paper submission, please feel free to contact the conference planner (Anitelu St. John;

    Note for Authors

    • Manuscripts submitted for this publication should not have been previously published and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
    • All papers are refereed through a peer review process.

    Important Dates:

    • November 22nd – Deadline for Submission of Extended Abstracts
    • January 22nd – Deadline for Submission of Final Papers


    The manuscripts must be prepared following these instructions exactly for formatting.


    Title, Authors and Abstract

    • Layout: use a single column
    • Title: size 14 points, bold and centered, Times New Roman. Capitalize first word and proper names only, and omit the full stop.
    • Authors: size 12 points, bold and centered.
    • Address of authors: size 10 points, italicized and centered.
    • Abstract: size 10 points, italicized, maximum 200 words.

    Body of Text 

    • Font: Times New Roman, size 10 points.
    • Page size: A4.
    • Margins: top 2.3cm, bottom 1.8cm, left and right 1.8cm.
    • Line spacing: single spacing throughout.
    • Text: in two columns of 8.38cm, gap between columns 0.63cm.
    • Justification: full
    • Headings: block letters, Times New Roman, left justified, as follows:
      1 Level One Heading: 11 points with first letter in uppercase of each word
      1.1 Level Two Heading: 10 points with first letter in uppercase of each word
    • Units: the metric system of units should be used for reporting all scientific data.
    • Footnotes: size 9 points at the foot of the appropriate column.
    • Indents: the first line of new paragraphs should be indented by 5mm and should not be separated from preceding paragraphs by any blank line.
    • Length of papers (camera-ready): Maximum of 2000 words


    • Maximum of 2 figures or tables total.
    • Table headings should precede tables.
    • Minimal use of vertical lines is preferable and formatting should be consistent across all tables.
    • Tables that do not fit into 1 column width should be placed either at the beginning (before any text) or at the end (after all text) of the page in question, and can be justified across the entire page.
    • Horizontal lines are needed at the top and bottom of tables, and may also appear in the body of tables when clarity requires their use.


    • Maximum of 2 figures or tables total.
    • All illustrations, whether these are photographs, maps, graphs, diagrams, line drawings, etc. should be referred to as ´Figures´.
    • Figures must be submitted as separate files and not inserted in the document.
    • Electronic figures must only be submitted as JPEG or TIFF files at high resolution, i.e. 500 dpi or greater. Other formats are not acceptable. If other programs were originally used for constructing charts, graphs or line diagrams (e.g. Excel, SPSS, Corel, Harvard Graphics), then each figure must be ´exported´ or ´saved as´ a JPEG or TIFF file.
    • The journal does not print colour figures – high contrast grey tone figures only are accepted.
    • Captions: figure numbers and captions must not be embedded in the figures. These should be provided in a separate list at the end of the text of the main manuscript.


    • Manuscripts must be adequately supported by reference citations. In the text, citations should be in the standard form of: Zann et al. (1990), or (Zann et al. 1990) as appropriate. Multiple references should be separated by semi-colons, e.g. (Adams and Jones 1992; Masters 1993).
    • The reference list should be ordered alphabetically and not contain blank lines. Indent by 2.5mm the second and following lines of each reference. Journal names and book titles should be italicised, and journal volume numbers should be in bold figures. The style and format of the following examples should be adopted:
      Nunn, P.D. 1994. Oceanic Islands. Blackwell, Oxford, UK, 413pp.
      Terry, J.P. 1994. Soil loss from erosion plots of differing post-burn forest cover, Portugal. In: Soil Erosion as a Consequence of Forest Fires. M. Sala and J.L. Rubio (Eds), Geoforma Ediciones, Logroño, Spain, 133-147.
      Zann, L., Brodie, J.E. and Vuki, V. 1990. History and dynamics of the crown-of-thorns starfish Acanthaster planci (L.) in the Suva area, Fiji. Coral Reefs 9, 135-144


    For format please click on the following link: