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  • The following are the field trip sites available to participants for the 12th Pacific Science Inter-Congress. Availability of each field trip will depend on the number of participants that register. All field trips will be held on Friday 12 July commencing at 10am. To facilitate logistics, expressions of interest to attend any of the field trips must be received by June 21st.

    Please register your expression of interest via the Registration Form to conference(at) to secure a place as only limited spaces are available for each field trip.

    Kindly be advised that all payments will have to be made in Fiji dollars (cash) during the onsite registration on Sunday 7th July 2013.

    Interested!! Fill and submit the registration form given below.

    Site: Wailotua Bat Caves: home of the Fiji Blossom Bat, Notopteris mcdonaldi Location: 1.5 hrs drive from Suva, along King’s Road
    Organiser: Nature Fiji Mareqeti Viti Fee: FJD 50

    The caves are locally referred to as Ono (six) symbolizing the six-headed snake who resides in the cave and is the keeper and owner of the caves. Fiji’s first Governor, Sir Arthur Gordon was presented with a ‘yaqona’ ceremony in these very caves. Rich with history and folklore, which the guides will share with you along the way, the caves are worth a visit.

    Although it bears the name of the snake, the cave is more popularly known amongst Fiji’s field biologists for its bat fauna. This is one of the remaining roosting and nesting cave of the Vulnerable Fiji Blossom bat.

    Recommended things to bring along

    Walking shoes, ‘sulu’ (sarong) for village, notebook, digital camera, umbrella (just in case)


    1100: Bus Departs Suva
    1200: ‘Sevusevu’
    1230: Tour of the Caves
    1400: Lunch
    1445: Village Tour
    1630: Bus departs for Suva

    Site: Garrick Reserve: reserve and restoration site for endangered sago palm Location: 5-8 km NE of Navua Town
    Organiser: Nature Fiji Mareqeti Viti Fee: FJD 50

    NFMV is currently using the site for ex-situ insurance populations of two of Fiji’s endemic and endangered palms: the Navua Palm (Heterospathe phillipsii) and the Sago Palm (Metroxylon vitiense)

    • The MareqetiViti club has since planted 145 Sago palms and 37 Navua palms in the reserve.

    Sago Palm (Metroxylon vitiense)

    • Endemic to Fiji
    • Critically Endangered
    • Threats: Habitat transformation, the thatching trade, heart of palm trade and the unprotected sago palm forests.
    • Sago palms flower and fruit only once after about 20 years and then they die, this makes them vulnerable to extinction.
    • The species thrives in swampy habitats, above the Upper Navua River gorge, coastal swamps at Navua, Taunovo Bay and Galoa, also at the Rewa Delta and inland in isolated localities in the Rewa catchment.

    Navua Palm (Heterospathe phillipsii)

    • Endemic to Viti Levu, Fiji
    • Currently classified as an Endangered Species (IUCN 2009)
    • Restricted distribution of palms in two small unprotected areas; Nakavu and inland Pacific Harbour.
    • Probably only 250 palms living in the wild
    • The only Fijian name recorded for this rare palm is the common ‘niuniu’.
    Recommended things to bring along

    Walking shoes (that can get wet!), ‘sulu’ (sarong) for village, sunscreen, hat, swimsuit, notebook, digital camera, umbrella (just in case)


    1100: Bus departs Civic Centre bus stop
    1200: Arrive at Garrick Reserve stroll through the reserve to the palm site: bird watching along the way (binoculars supplied), weeding
    1300: Lunch Time / Take a dip in the stream/ bird watching/search for more/ potential replanting sites within the reserve
    1600: Bus departs Garrick Reserve for drop off at Suva (Flea Market)

    Site: Leleuvia Island Resort: Marine Coral Project Location: A half an hour drive to Bau Landing then a 45 minute boat cruise
    Organiser: Prof John Bythell Fee: Visit for details

    For those booked on the post-conference package to Leleuvia (see website details at there will be a demonstration of a coral restoration project with guided snorkelling; optional dives available.

    Recommended things to bring along

    Walking shoes (that can get wet!), ‘sulu’ (sarong) for village, sunscreen, hat, swimsuit, masks and snorkel/fins (some can be provided), notebook, camera


    Depart USP at 12 noon and travel to Bau Landing to catch the resort boat for the 45 minute cruise to Leleuvia Island.

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